Best Products
*High-quality raw materials as Sinopec PE &PP virgin resins, Dow virgin resins, PolyOne pigments, BASF UV additives, BASF Latex, Bonar backing cloth, etc.
*High-end machinery as MAGUIRE automatic mixing machine from USA, SAURER twisting lines from Germany, COBBLE tufting lines from UK, etc.
*Strict Quality Control system including on-line tests, lab tests, team work communications, etc.
*Fast and flexible R&D works to offer new products or make products according to customers’ design and new ideas.
Best Service
*Reply all your requirements or claims efficiently within 48 hours
*Recommend or design the best items for your different requirements or tender standards
*Delivery time chasing and guarantee system
*Installation and maintenance guide service, or related company recommendation in different countries
*Supply or sourcing service of grass accessories, tools, machines, etc.
In China, there are many organizations for helping children from poor family, for helping deformed men, for helping old men who have no child, etc. These organizations can get support as money from government, rich people, film stars, etc. But you seldom find such organizations for stray animals, while there are big quantity of stray animals everywhere. So some people who are full of benevolence try to build some organizations to save and help stray animals and get help, support and contribute money from nongovernmental channels. We are pleased to find that there are such organizations which we call Society for the Protection of Stray Animals in almost every city. AQGRASS made a policy of “1% Income for Stray Animals” on Nov. 28th, 2016. AQGRASS contributes money and food for Society for the Protection of Stray Animals in both Suzhou city and Nanjing city. We take 1% of income from every order to keep on this benevolence. If you want to join us, please contact
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